About one of the most important person in my life

Do you know how it feels like to have a ”big brother”, i know and i love that feeling. To have someone that knows everything about you, that helps you all the time and that will be next to you in every situation. I appreciate all that things that my brother does for me, since childhood he learn me the best things about life, programming and more other, he`s the only person that care about all my feelings, he is strict with me but in the same time I can feel all the love and care that he has for me.
I`m very blessed with my bro, and I hope that one day I could return to him at least a part of all that he`s doing for me. I know that sometimes I can`t show my consideration and gratitude to him, but I love him and I make allowance at every counsel that he gives to me. Words are not enough to describe how lucky it feels to have a such brother. For all that I would say thank you my best brother 🙂
I haven`t got a little brother, but i`m a little sister 🙂

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